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This is a space to organize knowledge and collaborate in order to strengthen all our local advocates. We'll post about ongoing bike-related projects (e.g. bike lanes, Expo bikeway, bike parking ordinance) and ever-relevant knowledge (e.g. what is CEQA? who is LA Metro? where does bike funding come from?)

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Our topic[edit | edit source]

Our topic is bicycle advocacy, planning, and policy in Los Angeles County. We welcome any and all content related to this. What do you want local advocates to know? What are some ongoing projects? How does the system work? What rules and standards govern bicycle planning? What are the important government bodies, community organizations, and political players?

This wiki is aimed at helping the local advocates that LACBC supports through two programs. The first is the regional partnership, which fosters local groups around the County, such as Santa Monica Spoke, Culver City Bicycle Coalition, West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition, Walk Bike Glendale, Montebello Bike Coalition, Pomona Valley Bike Coalition, and others. The second is the Neighborhood Bicycle Ambassador Program, which fosters local bike advocates in the various neighborhoods of the City of Los Angeles. Local city staff should also benefit from the resources on this wiki.

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