The LACBC Wiki is a fantastic resource where one can find and share information regarding all things bicycle planning and policy in Los Angeles County.  This online community was brought to your fingertips by a group of dedicated bicycle advocates in Los Angeles that believe it is important to make this collaborative space available to all.  More specifically, the LACBC Planning Committee was the group responsible for setting the ground work for this wiki.  However, it is up to all users to contribute and ensure this wiki continues to grow.  

The LACBC Planning Committee meets in order to discuss future and present projects and campaigns.  It is at one of these meetings where the idea of this wiki was born.  There is always an open invitation for those interested in attending Planning Committee meetings in order to express ideas for projects or campaigns.  Join us and be part of the next big idea!

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm at LACBC Headquarters (634 S. Spring Street in downtown LA).  If you wish to confirm the location, email Herbie ( and make it known that you will be attending.  We usually order pizza!

Other LACBC Committees[]

Interested in becoming involved in other ways?  There are other committees for you to become a part of. 

  • Development Committee - Focuses on fundraising opportunities and strategies
  • Civic Engagement Committee - Makes contact with local officials and provides information regarding how bicycle friendly candidates are before you cast a vote.
  • River Ride Committee - Plans and implements the annual Los Angeles River Ride 

If you are interested in participating in any of these committees, please click here for details regarding meeting dates, locations and main contacts.